Felt can wear down? Get a new felt roof at your home or business. Roofing Park Roofers North Dublin provides a complete felt roofing repair service on all types of torch felt roofs and flat roofs.

Felt Repairs in North Dublin

Roofing felt is a long term and durable solution, Felt roofing is highly durable, available in any size. Ideal for flat roof and can be applied in a range of ways to flat and curved roofs. When felt roofing is installed, it can be a great long term solution for any roof.

Torch Felt Roofing

With torch felt roofing, the important part in successful felt roofing is the quality of the installation. It takes years of experience, skill and practical training on the job to get a really great finish that looks not only good but will be waterproof and durable for many years to come. This is a skill not learned in a classroom but by skilled tradesmen in Ireland

Our fully qualified team can replace old flat felt roofs using the highest quality materials.

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